Watersport Holidays

November 23, 2018 0 By adminpurecoastal

After the usual post holiday blues, i was on a mission to book an unusual holiday to remember for next year. While scrolling through the internet i came across Mark Warner Watersport holidays  and i was immediately intrigued. I had never heard of this let alone know someone who has went on one. After digging through endless reviews, you-tube videos and images of the locations, here is what i learned about this unique holiday package.


You don’t need to be a natural sailor to enjoy the stunning coasts in a range of European locations: Turkey, Corsica, Sardinia and Greece. There are free courses for both kids and adults and of course you aren’t expected to bring any equipment with you. I have always thought sailing was freeing.


If sailing on the open blue ocean isn’t for you, – personally not my thing – then Kayaking might be the perfect replacement. I have been kayaking a few times before as a child and i remember absolutely loving it. I wasn’t lucky enough to be kayaking next to the beautiful beaches but alas. Thankfully there are free instructors at hand to help you learn the ropes.. er.. paddles! With the holiday you can enjoy limitless kayaking, this for me is an amazing selling point. I can stay out for as long as i wanted to. Now i just need to make sure there is a bar on the beach!


Somewhere between kayaking and sailing lies windsurfing. This is something i have always wanted to experience but just never seen an opportunity to do it. The windsurfing experience is free and these sessions run while there is childcare available for all you parents out there! Although i reckon this is more exhausting than sailing i am sure it will be an exciting experience!

Scuba Diving

This one has been on my bucket list forever and will be until i tick it off! A free try dive is available where instructors introduce you to the basics to get you started on your underwater adventure. One day i do hope i can scuba dive off the cost of Australia. Truly immersing myself and swimming with the fish!

Waterskiing & wakeboarding

Although this isn’t a free option, it still makes an interesting experience. There is a free lesson on land which is meant to give you the basics.



What do you think about these unusual holiday experiences? I for one think i have already found next years holiday. What do you think of these exciting holiday option and where would you choose to go? For me i think it will be Greece, scuba diving and kayaking.