June 12, 2018 0 By adminpurecoastal

Dubai, perhaps the most familiar of the ‘United Arab Emirates’ to tourists, is a beacon of exceptional grandeur. What with being renowned for its six star hotels and modern regeneration, it has fast become a popular city of the future and a favourite of visitors for both business and leisure.  Initially, Dubai’s stuffy and humid climate may appear off-putting; summer seasons reach an astonishing 40 degrees C, whilst winters are still comparatively hot at 23 degrees C.

Before dismissing this beautiful destination, however, there is plenty to consider. Firstly, despite owning a ‘desert’ climate, you can be sure to expect more than a landscape of sand-dunes. Dubai is a forerunner in contemporary architecture and has cultivated an urban feel to match. Dubai stands in own in the global market, offering a multitude of shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, theme parks and specialty markets, most of which are indoors with the benefit of state of the state air conditioning. Those brave enough to face the outdoor heat in the summer will find even more gems that this unique city has to offer; breath-taking beaches at Al Mamzar, Jumeria Beach Park, Kite Beach and hotel beaches like Le Meridien Mina Seyahi, open air markets like Gold and Diamond Park (where you can get your hands on some reasonably priced authentic jewellery), and traditional souks (fresh fish markets.)

One thing that Dubai is abundant in, is places to eat, so eating out in Dubai is a wonderfully varied experience. Being a popular ex-pat destination, Dubai has an eclectic culinary experience. It is highly unlikely that you will not find a taste to suit your needs, and if in doubt there is a guarantee that one of the hundreds of hotels will offer the particular dish you’re after. Being an Arab country of modern persuasion, Dubai is a leader in traditional home-grown gastronomy.

Amongst some of the most popular with tourists are restaurants like Raffles Dubai, Bice and Ossiano restaurant, although places like the Hilton Dubai Creek go down well too, especially as the country only serves alcohol in hotels. For those who enjoy a glass of wine or two with dinner; be warned- Dubai restaurants and everywhere else by law do not serve alcohol, so drinking will need to be reserved for back at the hotel. Those not partial to a drink of course will be pleased at the smaller dinner bill!